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KARFAGEN which means Carthago - a symbol of glory and wisdom and also a never-ending journey into the world of the forgotten past and unpredictable future.


KARFAGEN is the brainchild of Antony Kalugin, multi-talented musician and composer, was created in 1997, when Antony formed the band at school.


While he was studying at the architectural university in 1998 he began to record the first KARFAGEN compositions in one of the local studios. A few tracks from this period can be found as a bonus tracks on “Key to Perception” album.


In 2005 Antony Kalugin with his musicians went into the studio to record “Continium” - the first KARFAGEN album, which led the band to sign with “Unicorn Digital” (Canada) in 2006, as it was highly acclaimed Antony was inspired to continue his work and he released the second album “The Space between us” in early 2007, later that year Antony signed with “Caerllysi Music” (UK).


In order to expand the boundaries of the musical landscape Antony often cooperates with many different unique musicians and in 2011 on the “Lost Symphony” album, Roberto Diaz (Cuba) from “Anima Mundi” took part as an additional guitarist, 2013 on album “Aleatorica” Tomek Mucha (Pl) on electric violin and Sergey Klevenskiy (Rus) on clarinet, whistles and flutes also in 2014 Mathieu Spaeter appeared as a main guitarist on a “Magician Theatre” as well as Pascal Gutman (Fr) played some stick-bass on the “Yuletide” track, in 2010 Marina Zakharova (well-known Ukrainian jazz singer) joined the project where she contributed some remarkable lead vocals and vocalizations.


KARFAGEN are mainly an instrumental band that shows imaginative use of keyboards, guitars, classical and ethnic instruments, their style can be described as symphonic art-rock with a hint of new-age folk, jazz-rock and neo-prog. Influences include: Camel, Focus, Happy the Man, Greenslade, The Flower Kings, UK and Kayak.


Inspired by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Sergei Prokofiev, Edward Grig and Pyotr Chaikovskiy, Antony’s compositions are always well constructed and thoughtful, the sound is embellished by such instruments as: oboe, bassoon, accordion, violin, cello, flutes, saxophone and pipes.


In addition to imaginative music every Karfagen album cover is picturesque and charismatic.


Antony doesn’t stand still, on one hand, the sound of Karfagen is familiar and recognizable, but on the other hand with each album Antony brings something new and special and is always fresh and innovative, you'll never know what to expect from the next chapter of his symphonic rock journey.


So, welcome to the show and enjoy the journey! Long may it continue!


“With every album and every track I try to bring the warmth and atmosphere of the 70’s,  I try to capture it’s essence not to copy but to create my own style, which sends me on a constant flow of musical search and experimentation, I’m not a fan of today's aggressive and artificial complexity in music.

I believe there’s no art for art’s sake, so there’s no music for musicians that isn't also for the listener, its not just to engulf you with technique and virtuosity, for me the ability to write proper melody comes first, that is something that still makes us curious about this “Golden Era” of the Prog of the 70’s, I produce music like the listener who seeks natural emotions and charm in a boundless sea of sound…” 

A Kalugin.